Press Releases

Subject: Press Release : March 13, 2001

Alpha Omega Jet Services Inc. announces today the acquisition of the operating assets of Aircraft Components Manufacturing (ACM) located at Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport. We are extremely pleased with the acquisition of Aircraft Components. Our plans are to merge all of Aircraft Components Manufacturing into Alpha Omega Jet Services, Inc. We expect to expand on the business operations, development of custom designs, and manufacturing of aircraft products. We’ll continue to serve customers while pursuing new customers in the future with the addition of new facilities, as required. The Sulphur Springs area workforce brings a historical background and several years experience. We are excited about keeping the legacy of aircraft interior products here locally.

Alpha Omega Jet Services President and CEO, Darin Hart, has appointed Jack Lewis, Vice President and General Manager, for this new area of business. Jack Lewis brings 15 plus years of experience in manufacturing aircraft cabinetry, systems, and interior installations. He was Operations Manager at Aircraft Components Manufacturing until May 2001 and has done consulting work for Bomhoff Inc. and The Nordam Group until joining Alpha Omega in November 2001. Phil Hughes Darin Hart will continue management and consulting responsibilities for aircraft completions, refurbishments, OEM customer care, design and certification.

Alpha Omega Jet Services offers a fully comprehensive range of worldwide assistance to aircraft Owners and Operators, OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacture’s), Completion Centers and Service Centers.

Alpha Omega’s services are:

This new and exciting area of business will tap an unmet need for business aircraft services and interior products worldwide. Alpha Omega has held contracts with a Brazilian aircraft manufacture for aircraft interior completions and management support.